About Ekballo Harvest

Ekballo Harvest is a non-denominational, non-profit ministry (incorporated February 11, 2016) in the state of Pennsylvania.


We are also proudly a member of Randy Clark’s Ministry Association, Global Awakening.

Ekballo Harvest exists as a revival ministry that is contending for another Great Awakening that will spread kingdom transformation to the nations through persistent prayer, pursuing God’s presence, demonstrating God’s power, and preaching the Word!

In a moment of pure passion, Jesus said the following, “The harvest is plentiful, but the laborers are few; therefore pray earnestly to the Lord of the harvest to send out laborers into his harvest” (see Matt 9:36-38 ESV, italics mine). That word, “send” is “ekballo” in the Greek. It means to launch, to cast forth, to drive out, and to send out with great force. The heartbeat of Ekballo Harvest is to awaken, ignite, equip, and launch out men and women as worshipers in Spirit and in Truth who carry the kingdom of God to the United States and beyond.

Ekballo Harvest endeavors to “ekballo” (send) laborers into the Lord’s harvest field through:

  • Unifying believers from the local churches in prayer and worship through the house of prayer movement. This aspect of our ministry is called Mosaic House of Prayer. Our conviction is that just as a mosaic is built up of different and unique pieces that come together in one expression of beauty and creativity, so the regional church should come together in unity amidst the diversity of preference and denominations.
  • Serving as a teaching resource that helps raise up a generation to worship in Spirit and in Truth through our Mosaic Feast & Fire Services Training Classes, and  Conferences which tend to emphasize prayer, spiritual gifts, evangelism, discipleship, and verse-by-verse exposition of the Scripture.
  • Sending out Spirit-filled and Word-saturated men and women into the local and global mission’s field to preach the Gospel, demonstrate Christ’s love, and advance kingdom transformation in every sphere of society. This is accomplished through:
    • community prayer and teaching (Laborer Gatherings)
    • evangelism outreaches (Ekballo Harvest Treasure Hunts)
    • short-term mission’s trips (Ekballo Harvest Expeditions)
    • long-term strategic positioning (Ekballo Harvest Missions)

Downloadable informational packet: Ekballo Harvest Packet 2nd Ed